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. We are proud to be recognized among


movers and New Westminster movers

for the seamless and stress free reliable
moving company experience we provide. Our highly experienced team will ensure that your Residential
and/or Corporate Relocation move will be done professionally. We’ll even get our hands dirty and do
some packing and furniture assembly! How’s that for great customer service?
We are your number one choice for Burnaby movers and New Westminster movers because we get
what a really great moving experience involves. We know from our many years of moving experience that
moving doesn’t just involve putting boxes in a truck and then dropping them off on the other end. It
involves treating each and every piece of furniture, every box, and every valuable like it’s a priceless work
of art. It means understanding the importance of treating each of our customer’s items with the highest
levels of integrity.
So what does a typical moving day look like? First off, it will always start on time. We will never be late on
your moving day. We might even be a bit early! Regardless of where your move takes you in Burnaby
and New Westminster, you can count on us to always be highly efficient throughout your move and
extremely careful in ensuring that all of your belongings make it safe and sound from point A to point B.
Secondly, you will never have to lift a finger, literally. When it comes to setting the standard when it comes
to Burnaby movers and New Westminster movers, we like to think we set the bar pretty high.
Need a little extra of this and a little extra of that? We’ve got more than enough extra moving supplies to
share. Not only do we have boxes, dish packs, and tape, we also have packing paper, bubble wrap, and
more. We want to help you be as prepared as possible from the get go. We’re your reliable moving
company of choice after all!
If you are looking for not only a moving company but a moving company that takes moving up a
notch, give us a call today at 604-800-8909 for more information or to book your move. When it comes to
Burnaby movers and New Westminster movers, we’re the guys to beat (or so we’ve been told!). You
can also send us a quick note at   info@BCHerculesMovers.com.
Happy Moving!

Burnaby movers and New Westminster movers

BC Hercules Moving Company Provide Full Moving Services

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