General Packing Tips:

Pack small boxes with heavier items and larger boxes with lighter item. Cushion
the items by filling any gaps between objects with packing paper.
Wrap small and/or fragile items individually rather than altogether. That way, if
something does happen, it’s only one china plate that breaks not an entire set.
Label, label, and then label again! This will make it easy for us to put your boxes in
the appropriate places at your destination or ensure breakables don’t get
damaged.  Unless of course you want kitchen stuff in the bathroom and bathroom
stuff in the garage…

Packing Tips:

We also recommend leaving the following items off the packing to-do list:
valuables (money, jewelry, etc),
flammable items (aerosol cans, paints, gasoline, and propane tanks),
perishable items (fresh food, produce, plants, etc.),
and important medications.
And last but not least don’t leave your packing until the last minute. Plan well in advance
when it comes to packing up your household.
Happy Packing!
In all of our years of business, we very rarely come across a customer who is actually excited about the prospect of packing. Normally it’s a task approached with certain level of dread. To lessen this, we’d like to offer the following tried and true packing tips that will make packing a little less scary.

  Item specific packing tips:

Dishwasher and Glasses: Large, double corrugated
boxes are best. Start by cushioning the bottom with
packing paper and then bundle and wrap flatware in
groups of threes, separating bundles with a layer of
paper. Nest less expensive glasses and cups in groups
of three and wrap the bundles. Fill any gaps with
additional packing paper to prevent shifting during
Clothing: Make sure all dressers are completely empty
and that hanging clothes, if required, are placed in
wardrobe boxes. Trade secret - Shoes make great filler.
Pictures: To protect your most precious memories, we
recommend using a picture box lined with paper to avoid
⦁ Also label your “must haves” so that you aren’t digging around at 1am for the baby bottles or cat
food. This will tell us that those items should be last on the truck so they are the first off at your
Chances are you are going to go through a LOT of tape when packing so we recommend buying one roll of
tape for every 15 to 20 boxes. Also when taping your boxes it’s best to use two 2 - 2 ½ inches of gummed
or masking tape on the top and bottom surfaces of every box, more if packing something heavy.
Protect your furniture by wrapping it in blankets. Need blankets? No worries, we have them. Just ask!
Make an inventory of everything that is going with you. That way you won’t be wondering whether or not you
left anything behind.
Lamps: It may sound silly but please remove the bulbs and mark the shades “fragile”. The last thing you need
is glass shards and squished lamp shades.
Electronics: If you have the original boxes, great. If not, try to pack each item separately using bubble wrap.
Labeling all your wiring with tape allows for easy re-installation upon arrival. Also be sure to fasten down any
parts that may come unlatched during transport - i.e. stereo dustcovers, compact disk players etc.

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